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Asset Management

SCSA specializes in managing regulated real estate funds as well overseeing and monitoring the development and operation of their respective real estate assets. SCSA Asset Management currently manages 5 funds, with 3 funds focusing on the rapidly growing hospitality sector in the Kingdom and a real estate development fund that targets the development of a residential compound in Riyadh.

SCSA plans to expand its offering and to provide its clients with diverse products in high-growth market segments. SCSA’s Asset Management operates in strict compliance with the CMA’s respective rules, regulations and directives.

Products & Services

Our products and services have grown over the years to include several funds and projects which we list below:

Fund Name

Project Name

SHUAA Saudi Hospitality Fund I

Centro Shaheen Jeddah Hotel

Centro Waha Riyadh Hotel

Dana Rayhaan Dammam Hotel

Jeddah Centro Fund I Centro Shaheen Jeddah Hotel
Dammam Rayhaan Fund I Dana Rayhaan Dammam Hotel
Cayan Real Estate Development Fund I Cayan Cantara
SHUAA Wadi Al Hada Fund Al Hada 3 Compound


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Centro Shaheen, Jeddah Centro Waha, Riyadh

Dana Rayhaan Wadi Al Hada Cayan Cantara

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