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Corporate Governance

SCSA believes that good corporate governance is a pillar for long term value creation and a means for shareholders to ensure that the Company is being managed in a fair, responsible and transparent manner. Good governance provides a solid foundation for SCSA to achieve its vision and enhance its corporate performance.

Good corporate governance will encourage support for and trust in the Company’s activities and recipient of shareholders’ capital. It will also enable it to contribute to the successful development of the financial system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Company recognizes the critical importance of good governance in promoting and strengthening the trust of its shareholders, stakeholders and the public. Its Corporate Governance Framework is designed to ensure that the following standards are met:

Accountability: SHUAA’s executive management are set strategic targets and are accountable to the Board. In turn, the Board is accountable to the shareholders and other stakeholders;

Responsibility: The clear separation and delegation of authority;

Transparency and disclosure: Stakeholders have good quality information to assess the Company’s financial performance and situation;

Fair treatment: All stakeholders are treated according to the same high standards and without any undue influence being granted to any one group.

Conflict of Interest: SHUAA Capital Saudi Arabia cjsc is a subsidiary of SHUAA Capital psc, which is a multi-service investment company, providing to its clients with financial advisory services. As a result, like any financial services group, we have or may have conflicts of interest in relation to various activities. However, the protection of our clients’ interests is our first concern and so (i) we identify circumstances which may give rise to conflicts of interest and (ii) we have established and will maintain appropriate mechanisms and systems to manage those conflicts, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Capital Market Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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