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Fraud Warning

SHUAA Capital Saudi Arabia cjsc (“SHUAA”) urges the public to be vigilant against fraud and scams attempts. Criminals, hackers and bad actors may take advantage of these unprecedented times by using a variety of schemes, including potentially posing as SHUAA or particular members of our group or  management team via email, website, or social media platform (e.g. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook) to perpetrate a fraud on innocent and unsuspecting clients. We alert the public and our clients to be extremely vigilant and suspicious about such behavior and report potential fraudulent scams, suspicious emails and phishing attempts involving the use of a false SHUAA identity (e.g. name, logo, branding, tag line, contract forms, marketing material, address or other details) to the relevant authorities or to SHUAA directly.

SHUAA informs you that:

  • You should never disclose account details or password and not respond to any unusual email that you receive; 
  • It does not solicit investments from the general public;
  • It does not solicit personal or financial information; and
  • It does not request transfers of funds.

SHUAA is also aware of the existence of certain entities or persons that are conducting such financial scams using SHUAA’s name and using email accounts from domains such as;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and other unofficial email accounts, as well as LinkedIn profiles and other social media accounts, to target and communicate with prospective victims.

It has also come to SHUAA’s attention that false websites such as ‘’, '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'shuaax', shuaa-x', '', '', '', '', '', '' have been created by the persons engaged in the aforementioned fraud scheme in furtherance of their illegal activities, where they have illicitly copied copyright and trademark-protected materials from SHUAA’s official website.

SHUAA strongly advises that you do not respond to any person or company who purports to be or represent SHUAA, and under no circumstances should you transfer any money. If you are ever in doubt, you may contact your representative or SHUAA client services at [] who can assist you. For any suspected illegal activity, please report it also to the police or relevant authorities.

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