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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

SHUAA Capital Saudi Arabia (“SCSA”) has obtained CMA approval on a REIT (The “REIT “ or “SHUAA REIT”) in KSA on 25/02/2019.

SHUAA REIT was established under the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority (the “CMA”) Real Estate Investment Traded Funds Regulations (the “Regulations”). Subscription period will start on March 25th , 2019 and lasts for 10 business days until April 7th, 2019.

(For general details, please watch this short infographic video).


SHUAA REIT's Executive Summary

SHUAA REIT's Factsheet

SHUAA REIT's Terms & Conditions

You can subscribe via the links listed below of the participating banks:

Valuation Reports

AlNada Center - WhiteCubes valuation

AlNada Center - ValuStrat Valuation

Elite Mall - WhiteCubes Valuation

The Elite Mall- ValuStrat Valuation

Alkhorayef Warehouses -WhiteCubes Valuation

Alkhorayef Warehouses - ValuStrat Valuation

AlMultaqa Roomz Showroom -WhiteCubes Valuation

Almutlaq Roomz Showroom - ValuStrat Valuation

Euro Building - WhiteCubes Valuation

Euro Building - ValuStrat Valuation

AlMutlaq Olaya Showroom - WhiteCubes Valuation

Almutlaq Olaya Showroom - ValuStrat Valuation

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