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SHUAA Capital Saudi Arabia’s custody services offer best-in-class platform for the secure settlement and safekeeping of client funds and assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our services include:

  • Safekeeping of Client Assets: holding in safe custody assets and securities, including certificates and title deeds. All assets from clients are ring fenced away from the SHUAA Capital’s proprietary activities and are maintained in segregated accounts dedicated only to client activity
  • Record-keeping: maintaining detailed records of the ownership of assets
  • Receipt and deposit: depositing all payments, income and distributions received from assets in such account(s) as instructed by the client
  • Reporting: reporting the status of client’s assets including all notices, reports and other information including transactions, dividend distributions and corporate action relating to the client’s assets 
  • Settlement: arranging settlement of any purchases or sales and deliveries in or out of securities or assets on behalf of clients
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